Pawsey runs ‘Hello World’ algorithm for the first time on a quantum computer.   

The full capability of Setonix CPUs become available to researchers, while early adopters are given access to Setonix GPUs.  

Pawsey hosts an open day to celebrate World Quantum Day in collaboration with QUECWA, QUISA, UP-QCC and Quantum Girls.  


Executive Director Mark Stickells presents a regional update on behalf of Pawsey, NCI and New Zealand’s NESI at the ISC 2023 conference.  

Pawsey signs an MoU with Canadian quantum computing company Xanadu to test the capabilities of HPC and quantum computing.  

Pawsey hosts a panel of environmental specialists dedicated to preserving the environment through the Shared Environmental Analytics Facility during Data Science Week.  


Pawsey signs an MoU with ARDC and NCI to support the Digital Research Skills Australasia DReSA training registry.  

Pawsey co-hosts the 2023 Australian Leadership Computing Symposium 2023 with ALCS with NCI and NeSI. 

Pawsey launches Quantum Girls with the Einstein First team, bringing quantum science and computing into classrooms across Australia.  

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Dreaming Bigger

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The Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre is supported by the Australian Government through a $70 million grant made under the Industry Research and Development Act and administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Pawsey is also supported by the Australian Government under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) through the Department of Education. The Centre would also like to acknowledge the support provided by the Western Australian Government and its Partner organisations.

We are grateful for the support of our core partners.

Pawsey signs agreement with Australian BioCommons boosting access to supercomputing for life science research nationally. 


Setonix powers Western Australia’s most comprehensive climate change projections.   

Pawsey welcomes three new leaders to its board. 

Marketing & Events Officer Aditi Subramanya joins a panel on implementing diversity and inclusion in organisations at SCASia 2023.

Executive Director Mark Stickells delivers a keynote address on sustainable supercomputing at SCAsia 2023.


Pawsey wins Favourite Cabinet Art Award at HPCWire’s 2023 Superlative Awards. 

Pawsey sponsors QHack, an annual quantum hackathon.  

The Pawsey summer internship program wraps up with a virtual project showcase.


Hardware installation of Setonix Phase 2 is complete. 

Pawsey announces funding for UWA partnership to launch Quantum Girls, promoting female participation in quantum science. 

Pawsey hosts The National Youth Science Forum at our Kensington facility. 



Pawsey participates in Research Bazaar (ResBaz) Perth.   

Executive Director Mark Stickells joins a national quantum advisory committee.  

Setonix Phase 2 arrives at Pawsey. 

National supercomputing grants supporting more science than ever before.   

Pawsey enables a world-first algorithm that predicts brain bleeds before they happen.  

The Pawsey centre sees building modifications to support Setonix Phase 2. 


First results of PaCER projects are presented at Australasian Leadership Computing Symposium.   

Pawsey presents at the HPC AI 2022 Australia Conference.  

Pawsey coordinates mentored sprints with FluidNumerics, resulting in significant improvements in GPU migration and porting to AMD MI250X GPUs available in Setonix.  

Pawsey hosts the second annual PaCER conference. 


Supercomputer Magnus is decommissioned after eight years of service.  

Pawsey welcomes more than $22.4 million in funding from the Western Australian Government over the next five years.  

Setonix is named the 4th greenest and 15th most powerful supercomputer world on the Top500 lists.  



Pawsey sponsors the WA Premier’s Science Awards 2022.    

Pawsey celebrates National Science Week with a virtual tour of our facility.  

Setonix produces detailed image of a supernova remnant.  

Pawsey hosts the GovHack connections event.  


Pawsey launches Phase 1 of Setonix for early access researchers.

Executive Director Mark Stickells presents on naming supercomputers at the PARI 2022 conference. 

Research identifying source of ancient Mars rocks is published in Nature Communications.